• How long will the photographic session take?
    Most photographic sessions take about 1 hour. Occasionally we need less time, however, to explore every creative option during the shoot, we always make sure that the photos we shot are going to make you smile. 
  • How many photos do you take in a photographic session?
    We present you with 25 professionally edited photos.
  • Do you do retouching?
    All of our work is retouched although we like to keep photos as natural as possible. 
  • What should I wear?
    Your portraits are a record of who you are now, so we will always suggest that you wear your favorite style and color. Avoid strong patterns and items that have visible logos. 
  • What’s the most ideal age to photograph a newborn baby?
    This varies from baby to baby. For sleepy newborn baby shots, we recommend to photograph them at 8-14 days. A six to the twelve-week-old baby is also an ideal time to photograph. From here on, once a year is a great way to see age progress of your baby.
  • What is the most ideal age to photograph children?
    We recommend you photograph your children twice in the first year because they grow and change so quickly.
  • Can I choose where I want my photographic session?
    Absolutely! we are very flexible with locations of your choice within Regina city. We usually photograph at parks around Regina. Our recommended locations are always great as we understand intricately the lighting and backgrounds that will produce beautiful shots.